Look away now..Runners Feet Ain’t Pretty!

May 20, 2010


Apart from the aches and pains I was expecting to get after running 26.2 miles of Virgin London Marathon, I also picked up a blister or two.  I felt this one, on my big toe,  coming up as I was running..but not the ones on the tips of my toes, that I found later!  I had all sorts of conflicting advice about whether to pop blisters or not but in the end I decided to leave well alone and let nature do its thing.

Out of curiosity, the pretty pink nail varnish went and the ghastly reality of bruised and blackened toe nails appeared.  I’d like to say my toes looked worse than they felt…but that would be a whopping great fib..they hurt like hell!  How do dogs and children manage to step on your toes only when they’re throbbing and feeling as though they’re about to drop off??!  A couple of friends have said “Ooh, you should get those looked at” but, to be honest, the thought of anyone going anywhere near my feet at the moment brings me out in a cold sweat.  You see, I’m not a squeamish person at all – I like to think I can, and have, handled all manor of gory situations, illnesses, blood, guts and nastiness but when it comes to the thought of toenails falling off..well, lets just say, I’d rather not think about the state my toes will be in minus their nails …. eeeurrgh! <shudders>

This is how my toes were faring 10 days after running my first marathon.  As you can see, the blisters have gone down, but that’s it for positive news.  Initially, I used a combination of Arnica (both in tablet and cream form) and good old Savlon, to help deal with the bruising and prevent any infections under the nails as they started to lift off.  Eeeww… see, I did tell you to look away if you’re of a sensitive disposition!!

3 weeks on and the good news is that I think everything is healing the way it should.  However, it’s pretty obvious that, whilst things are healing, the only thing that is keeping my toenails on is the hard skin formed by blisters.  The smaller toenails look as though they’re the first ones that are going to fall off.

In the meantime, I’ve discovered a lovely new foot balm that is doing wonders for the bits of my feet that aren’t in any danger of falling off!  Pretty Feet Luxury Balm, from Kitty of Devon, is just what my feet need at the moment.  Hand-made and from 100% natural ingredients, it has a deliciously uplifting scent of Peppermint and Tea Tree oil.  The balm looks semi-solid in its jar but turns to soft butter once in contact with my skin.  I like the way that a little, of this luxury balm, goes a long way.  It’s very soothing and has really started to make a difference to my poor old tootsies!  …and no, I’m not being paid to say this :)  Have a look at Kitty’s full range of 100% natural hand-made skin care products

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