For Athletes: Hammertoe Recovery Guidelines

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We think of athletes as superheroes or macho people who will never get hurt or sick. However, this is a wrong perception, as athletes or sportspersons are also humans. Athletes, especially runners, need to use their arms and legs heavily. Sometimes, they break their arms, bones, or joints accidentally in extreme sports moments. Athletes are affected in numerous ways; however, one of the sensitive cases is a hammertoe. Once upon a time, hammertoe was rare in the case of public knowledge; however, their pain was something not everybody could ignore. So, what exactly is this hammertoe? Sportspeople or athletes must understand the meaning of hammertoe and its recovery guidelines.

Hammertoe comes with the most severe foot pain ever. The tendons or muscles of the toes puts a lot of pressure on the joints, which can curl the toe muscle downward, causing pain. Therefore, when someone wishes to walk, the pain also activates.

hammertoe surgery san diego

Hammertoe Causes?

Hammertoe can be genetic, but sometimes sports runner or sprinter puts too much pressure on the foot, increasing the chance of hammertoe. Changes in lifestyle or overactivity in a profession also cause hammertoe. Hammertoe occurs over the years when the foot tendons become stiff and curl the toes downwards. There are non-surgical processes to treat hammertoe, and that is through physiotherapy. However, the recovery process through therapy takes longer. It gets complex, especially for the sportsperson; hence they opt for the shortcut, and that is through surgery. There is hammertoe surgery san diego alongside in other parts of the United States where effective surgeries are conducted.

Recovery Time Of Hammertoe Surgery:

Although the surgery is short, it takes at least six weeks for the patient to recover from hammertoe surgery. Depending on the lifestyle or healthcare routine of the patients, the minimum recovery time is six weeks and the maximum recovery time is six months or more. After the surgery, the patient can walk within a week or five days, but they still need to wear boots or special shoes 24/7. The patient is strictly prohibited from participating in rough activities like sports during recovery time. The simple walking time limit should also be limited. The patients will require assistance from friends and family during recovery time.

Hammertoe Recovery Expectance:

As mentioned above, the doctor will prescribe medicines and therapies for the patient to get well as soon as possible. Some healthy foods and resting periods will also be mentioned alongside regular checkups.

Hammertoe Surgery Scars:

Surgery will leave scars, and they will take time to go away. The doctor will show the way to dress the area. Ensure to keep the site dry, and in case the place of surgery is swelling, use an ice pack for 20 minutes.

Should You Resume Exercise After Surgery?

Avoid doing activities like cycling, running, and weight lifting, which puts pressure on the foot. Physiotherapy exercises will be enough to keep the foot in check. After six weeks, consult the physiotherapist and the surgeon regarding the exercise resume.


Hammertoe surgery depicts how one should not stress about any activity. If it is sports, overdoing any actions will impact overall health and time. Therefore, it is better to keep oneself in control during physical activities. You can also know more about some foods which are Are Suitable for Hammertoe Recovery.

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