Role of Automatic Door Holders for Accessibility in Sports Venues

Automatic Door Holders for Accessibility in Sports Venues

Sports venues have a responsibility to ensure that all fans, including those with disabilities, can enjoy the game. This requires accessibility measures like ramps, elevators, and automatic door holders. In this article, we will discuss the role of automatic door holders in improving accessibility in sports venues.

Importance of accessibility in sports venues

Accessibility in sports venues is not just a moral but also a legal obligation. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says that people with disabilities must have the same access to public places, including sports venues. If ADA rules aren’t followed, the venue could face legal action, fines, and damage to its reputation.

Accessible sports venues provide a range of benefits for disabled individuals. These venues allow fans with disabilities to attend games with their friends and family. It improves their social lives and overall well-being. Accessible platforms also enable individuals with disabilities to participate in sporting events. It promotes physical activity and healthy living.

automatic door holders

How automatic door holders work

They are devices that hold doors open and automatically release them when triggered. A button, motion sensor, or remote control typically activates them. These devices are an essential component of accessibility in sports venues. They allow individuals with disabilities to enter and exit the venue easily.

Benefits of the door holders in sports venues

They have several benefits for sports venues. First, they make it easier for people with disabilities to enter and leave the venue by making it easier for them to get in and out. This enhances the overall fan experience for disabled individuals and their companions. Second, they make it less important for staff to help disabled people, so staff can do other things. Lastly, they make people safer by making sure doors don’t close on people with disabilities or hurt them.

Examples of sports venues using automatic door holders

Many sports venues have already implemented door holders to improve accessibility. For example, they are all over the United Center in Chicago, which is where the Bulls and Blackhawks play. These devices make it easy for fans with disabilities to get in and out of the venue, which improves their fan experience as a whole. Other venues, such as the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, have also implemented.

Challenges in implementing accessibility measures

While they are an important component of accessibility in sports venues. There are still challenges in implementing these measures. One challenge is the cost of installation and maintenance. They can be expensive to put in and may need maintenance on a regular basis to keep working properly. Another challenge is the need to retrofit older venues with door holders. It may be more complex and costly than installing them in new venues.


Automatic door holders play a vital role in improving accessibility in sports venues. They help people with disabilities enjoy the game more and reduce the need for staff help. Even though it can be hard to put these measures into place, sports venues have a legal and moral obligation to give people with disabilities the same access as everyone else.

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